Nicole and Johnny Carrillo have lived everywhere. Seriously, everywhere. Johnny's career as a Combat Artist in the Marines took them across the globe, but their passions for small retail and art remained constant. In 2012, Johnny made the decision to retire, and one of Nicole's big dreams came true: they bought a kitchen boutique in Savannah, Georgia. That boutique thrived for four years until these travelers felt restless again, and as these things go, they found themselves packing up and moving their whole life and store to Tucson, Arizona, where they finally found home.

It's easy to see Nicole's passion for kitchen gadgets, vintage pieces, and creating beautiful stores just by walking through Mabel's. Her heart is in every piece and product that is carefully chosen before being placed on the floor, and her grandmother's picture - the inspiration behind this all - is carefully hung above the cookie cutter wall. Johnny's designs are scattered throughout and hung proudly behind the register, and his design studio lives tucked away beyond the back of the store. Every morning he strolls into work with their three poodles in one hand and a tea for Nicole in the other. 

Just when these two thought that their lives were settling down, opportunity for a second dream to come to fruition struck in the form of an open store-space around the corner. And so, just a two minute walk away, Rosie's Barkét was born. Nicole spent weeks procuring the perfect pieces and products to make this doggie boutique come to life. Her pride and joy now lives within her three sons, three dogs, and the state of the art dog wash in the back of Rosie's.

Mabel's and Rosie's could not be run by any other family. The mix of love, artistry, and talent that pours from their front doors is unbridled, and because of it they have melded into the community that is downtown Tucson perfectly. Their stores are more than just places to procure items: they are an experience, a friendship, a dog's daydream come true, and a place that will make your kitchen smile. 


To learn more about Rosie's Barkét and how they are giving back to the community, please visit rosiesbarket.com 

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